Sneak Peak at Chapter 4 + Interview with Bruce Hodge!

Hey guys! Today I have a very exciting interview with the author Bruce Hodge! Before I get into that, I wanted to tease you guys with an excerpt of chapter 4 in the story I'm writing on here.

(Tyler is speaking) "Please Ethan, I know this is the absolute last thing you wanted me to ask, but I knew that you knew this is the reason why I called you over here. Now next you're probably going to say what a bad idea this is and how this is just some ploy to get you away from her because I just hate you. And- and the truth is Ethan I never really did hate you that bad like some huge demon, I actually kind of admired you sometimes because you always made Violet so happy."

So what do you think guys? Leave comments below! Now, here is my interview with author Bruce Hodge!

1.      Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and when did you start writing?

My name is Bruce Gregor Hodge, I’m a 51 year old writer from Lymington in Southern Tasmania. I live in an old farmhouse in what was once the heart of Tasmania’s largest apple growing territory with my cat (and best friend) Max, and half a dozen chooks. Originally I’m from Melbourne, but moved down to Tasmania in 1998 after spending many years working in hospitality and tourism.

I wrote my first book in 1983 while I was recovering from a broken back, typed it out on an old typewriter in fact, and foolishly threw it away after carting it around for many years. It was dreadful, but I now keep everything I write no matter how bad it may be!

2.      Tell me about the books you have written and the most recent ones. How did you come up with the ideas?
After the first attempt I wrote another suspense thriller, once again manually typed, but this one I kept and one of my next projects is to re-write it for release as an ebook (the writing was awful, but there was a great plot in it, so I think it might be worth the effort!) After that I wrote yet again a mystery/thriller, this time set in a ski resort, called it White Hush, and partnership published it. Back in the days when floppy disks were really floppy, it deformatted four days before it was due at the printers, and had to be totally retyped. Sadly that caused some serious text deformatting and a lot of problems occured, so the released book wasn’t quite what it should have been. Recently I’ve had that retyped and am currently rewriting it, too. The new version of White Hush is to be released as an ebook by the end of August this year. In the meantime I’ve released the first two books in my ‘Scarpthorne’ fantasy double trilogy, for 16 – 60 year olds, kind of a YA/mainstream fantasy crossover. I have a science fiction novel half finished, am half way through the third Scarpthorne book, and have been working on a Gothic Horror (which I’m going to be tackling as soon as I’ve completed the third Scarpthorne instalment).

For me, ideas don’t seem to be a problem, they pop out of everywhere. The problem is getting them down in writing! Maybe I have an overactive imagination, but I’m constantly getting ideas for stories, though where they come from, I don’t know, they just do. Sometimes I just actually dream the stories!

3.      How did you get so interested in the genre you write in?

I’m not really stuck on one genre. I think a good plot is important, a good storyline gets the creative juices flowing, and then the characters have to kind of take on there own life. If that happens, the writing process just encourages itself.
But I must admit, having written a few books and got nowhere with publishers, I had a look at the success of JK Rowlings and did what so many other people are now doing. (If she can write a series of fantasy books for young adults plus, and have such success, than maybe I can too). That’s what started the Scarpthorne series anyhow. What kept it going? I guess the characters and plot took on a life of their own and kept me interested in what was happening, so I’ve kept writing it and haven’t stopped. I’ve grown to rather like those characters now (does that sound too weird?)

4.      What is the hardest part of writing to you?

Developing the routine of sitting down and writing every day. Most successful authors will tell you that’s what you’ve got to do. It’s called self-discipline, and I’m afraid I’m not too good at it.

5.      What is a typical writing day for you? When and where do you write?

Get up, feed the cat, feed the chooks, breakfast, do the dishes, the washing, check email, goodreads, smashwords, amazon, pot of tea, make the bed etc., go shopping blah blah blah. You can see the self discipline problem, can’t you? Okay, then I get on the net, and then, by lunch time, I get the guilts and will maybe start out by doing some editing and then maybe even, if I’m not exhausted or haven’t found something else to do, I might even do some writing.

I do have a room put away for my writing, a big desk and everything I need plus a nice rural view. But I’m a bit slack when it comes to producing the goodies.

6.      What advice would you give young writers who are reaching their goals to be an Author?

First of all, do what I don’t. Develop a writing routine. Everyday sit down for two hours and write. (Maybe even just start with half an hour). It doesn’t matter if you write rubbish, just as long as you write.

Secondly, writing is the easy bit. Editing is the most important thing you can do if you want other people to read your work. So don’t crack the champagne when you finish writing the book. Wait until you’ve finished editing it. And if you’re really going to release it, get your literary friends to red pen as radically as they can – better they find the mistakes than your readers!

And finally, once again what I’m not good at, trying to get the social networking thing happening. Having 1000 friends to tell about your book launch (when that day finally arrives) is going to give you a really great head start. And if anyone can explain twitter to me, PLEASE email me. I’m afraid I just don’t get it.

7.      Are you working on anything right now?

Yep. The third in the Scarpthorne double trilogy (about 120 pages done so far). My gothic masterpiece (only just started). Rewrite of White Hush (to be released in a month or so on amazon/smashwords etc). A science fiction (about 70 pages done so far) and a whole heap of little ideas I’m working on.

8.      Do you have any favorite books or authors

I enjoy reading a wide spread of genres. What I don’t get into is vampire romance mush (and there’s just too much of it about). I love a good plot, logical story development, believable fiction or fantasy, good characters, and I love books that are easy to read – good, fluent writing style.

9.      Which book of yours would you most recommend?
Right now? I think the Scarpthorne books are a reasonable read, and I think the series gets better as it goes on, and I think that readers, if they persist, will grow to like the characters. The third book will hopefully be out and about by next January. It’s already a few months behind schedule. Between the three, that’s about 1,150 pages so far!

10.Why do you write?

I don’t think ANY successful author has ever written for any other reason than that is what they love doing most. In fact any author at all. Writing a book is like any other form of creativity, it allows the author to create something brand new that is entirely their own. There’s a really amazing feeling about finishing a book, you kind of need to experience it to understand.
Why do I write? Because I love writing. Why? It’s fun, it’s exciting, maybe even it makes me feel as if I’m a bit special. You know when you’ve done something you’re really proud of and when you finish you stand back and say….. I did that.
Then of course, as the icing on the cake, you get to share it with other people, and maybe even get to spread a little magic around the world.
And finally, after a lot of years of practise, I think these days I’m reasonably good at doing it. And we all enjoy doing stuff we think we’re good at, yes? Of course, I may be completely deluding myself, but then as they say, ignorance is bliss J


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