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Hey guys! If you have or havn't yet found out, blogger had added a section to our design column, Google plus. It allows you to share your blog updates more easily and create more traffic towards your posts.

So, I have created a a google page for my blog just for fun called Writing and YA fiction updates! It is still connected to my blog but I also wanted to add more things for books and other YA stuff.

What can you do on this page you may ask?
  • Find out upcoming posts on my blog
  • Updates on new books or news about YA authors
  • Teasers for my short stories that are upcoming on my blog
  • Keep up to date on writing or book events
  • Join in writing and book discussions!
So yeah, I thought it would be fun to make this page, you guys try to create one too I'd love to see others! Pleeeeeessssse Follow!

If you must know I already posted a huge teaser for the second post for total fangirling on the google page...
Also if anyone wants to run this page with me, feel free to cantact me! You see, this page is about writing and YA book updates so if you want to connect your blog on the page, please do tell me if you want to do it! I can take about 2 or 3 blogs :)

Here is the Writing and YA fiction updates page- https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/101723670446790177551/101723670446790177551/posts#101723670446790177551/posts

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Total Fan Girling Book Club! My Story short

Hey Guys! I am so excited to present my Story Short series!
I just made that up, but my story short series is called The Total Fangirling Book club. A book club of hormonal fangirl girls and guys who talk and obsess about YA fiction books. It's pretty funny, but that's the point.

I must warn you; in the first episode of this story short there may be a couple of tiny spoilers for Maze Runner, and Divergent.

Short Intro to characters:
Anne- Leader
Jeff- The (think's he's awesome) jock
Kelsey: The blonde. (you can take it from there)
Rachel- The quiet one, but passionate about books.
Toby: The cool and calm one.
Sean: The cute Australian guy.

I have been putting this off for days now, and I just don't know if it's any good. I was fooling around on my computer.
Meeting of Total Fangirling Book Club #1

Anne happily rings the small golden bell and orders the first book club meeting.

Anne: "Hello everyone! I am so happy to announce the first ever meeting of the Total Fangirling book club! So nice to meet you all, my name is Anne."

Jeff: "Why is this club named Total Fangirling? It could called be Total Fanguying or even better, House of Slytherine!"

Kelsey: "Get over that Jeff!"

Jeff: "Drako rules."

Kelsey makes a disgusting sound and looks away.

Anne: "Okay! How about we introduce our selves first. Jeff, let’s start with you. Say something about yourself and tell us your favorite YA series or book.

Jeff: "My name is Jeff. I Wish I could change my name to Jace Wayland but government.... and you know... the economy." Rachel butts in.

Rachel: "That has absolutely nothing to do with the economy Jeff."

Jeff: "Then what do you call the recession?"

Kelsey: "bullshiz"

Anne: "Get on."

Jeff: "My favorite book so far is probably the Maze Runner by James Dashner. Hated the ending."

Kelsey: "I know right! Poor Theresa."

Rachel: “Okay, well my name is Rachel. People usually think I’m quiet because I mostly am. But I love talking about books. My favorite book so far would probably be the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa."

Toby:"Oh I really liked that series too. Puck is my role model."

Kelsey:"Yeah he’s cute... so is Ash!" Kelsey says dreamily.

Jeff: “Ash is awesome."

Enters classroom is Sean.
Sean: "Sorry I am late mates, first day of math class isn't a beauty." Anne looks up and literally falls in love with his accent.

Anne:"Oh that's okay Sean! Just take tour time whenever you need it!"

Kelsey straitens her back and gives her million dollar smile towards Sean.

Kelsey: "Oh! There’s an open seat next to me Sean!"

Rachel: "So Sean! We’re introducing ourselves to the whole club, would you like to pick it up after me?"

Sean takes a seat next to Kelsey as Rachel flutters her eyes towards him. Jeff and Toby look unimpressed.

Sean: "Okay, well my name is Sean. I just transferred here last year from Australia and I have been reading ever since I was a little boy." Sean grins at Jeff. Jeff narrows his eyes trying to figure him out.

Jeff: "So what's your favorite book, Sean?" Jeff spits out.

Sean: "Well I have a couple actually but since this book club is mostly for YA fiction books, I have to say the Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick. A very nice read."

Anne: "Oh did you know they are making a fifth book in the series?”

Toby: "That is the most terrible idea they have ever made."

Jeff: "Yeah. It’s basically just Patch and Nora going on and on and on doing- ."

Rachel: "Everyone thinks it’s going to be terrible but I still have high hopes. Except for Scott, no one likes Scott."

Kelsey: "I think he’s cute." Kelsey says trying to get close to Sean.

Rachel: "And you said Mitt Romney was cute and when you tried going up to him you had to fill out a restraining order."

Jeff: "Ooh, ten points for Griffindore."

Kelsey: "He reminded me of Logan lerman." Kelsey shot back.

Rachel: "He does not look ANYTHING like him" Jeff then interrupts.

Toby: "Ugh, didn't you guys just hate the Percy Jackson movie he did?"

Sean: "I thought it was pretty good."

Anne: "Okay! Let’s get back on track, Toby why don’t you pick it up."

Toby: "What up guys, my name is Toby." And consequently, my favorite book is Divergent. Honestly Four has that great sense of power and, spoiler alert, He dies in the end of the first book."

Anne: "No he doesn't."

Rachel: "Yeah, if he did there wouldn't be an Insurgent, Toby."
Sean: "I have to try that book myself, it sounds interesting."

Kelsey: "but it’s so looooong"

Jeff: "That’s what she said."

Anne: "I think we should save the Divergent discussion for another meeting because it’s such a great series!" Anne quickly writes it down as everyone simultaneously agrees.

Kelsey: "I bet you guys have all been waiting for MY introduction!"

Rachel: "No we haven’t."

Kelsey: "My name is Kelsey. I love to read obviously! And My favorite series so far would probably have to be the Mortal Instrument by Cassandra Clare!"

Jeff, toby, and Anne happily scream.

Anne:"Oh my cheeses, I love that series!!!"

Sean: "Cheeses?"

Jeff: "Yes! Another Jace fan! I swear Cassandra Clare has done it again with the Infernal Devices series."

Toby: "Jace and Clary all the waaaaay!"

Kelsey: "I know Right! City of Lost Souls wasn't that impressive but it was still pretty good."

Rachel: "Anne how about we save this discussion for another meeting." 

Anne: "Great idea Rachel."

Kelsey: "Okay, did we get everyone already?"

Jeff: "Uhh well not yet. Anne?"

AnneShe looks up. "OH! Right. Okay, well my name is Anne. I just love the YA fiction genre but I read classics once in a while."

Toby: "What's your favorite book?"

AnneShe bites her tongue and looks down ashamed. "Well I have so many, so I guess you could just call the whole genre my favorite!"

Rachel: "That doesn't count Anne; come on it's an easy question."

Kelsey: "Yeah, nothing to be ashamed about."

Anne: Anne looks at everyone in the eye and braces herself. "My favorite is The Twilight Series!"

Everyone is surprised and they and start to moan and complain.

Jeff: "Are you serious Anne?"

Kelsey: "Ugh, okay the guys are pretty hot but the series just doesn't fit me sometimes."

Rachel: "That series bombs, you can't be serious."

Sean: "Yes, I do also agree. That series is just a bit overrated."

Toby: Toby speaks low and tries to hide himself. "Actually she's not the only Twilight fan in this room."

Everyone starts to complain again.

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Th Sunday Post! ~Edition One


The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer ~ It's a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.

My Exciting News: In the next week or so I will be hosting the Second Contest of Chompasaurus's Writing Challenge! The first one was the Signature Style challenge and sadly it's ended and our judging is being evaluated right now. So keep up with those updates, I'll post the second challenge rules and concepts really soon.

New This past week: If you have not been keeping up with my blog these days, here are the highlights this past week!

Boring Writing= Bored readers

Would You Rather Tag

Unlocking your writing Voice in 10 Easy Steps

Interview with Writer/Blogger Haley Nak!

Exciting New Giveaway: Grant Morris

Coming up this week: This week I'll be posting much more including the Third Chapter of my online story! I'm so excited, hopefully that will go up soon. Let me tease you with an excerpt:

“Violet!” Ethan screamed to the top of his lungs. “Violet!”
               Ethan couldn't be more worried about anything in his life other than that moment. Her parents trusted him and he wasn't going to lose Violet on a busy, crowded Road Bridge. Ethan called all the Auborn’s for David and Tyler, but Violet was nowhere to be found. Suddenly out of the huge crowd, Daniel came up behind him.

Also Coming up this Week!: This past week I was also working on a short story series. It is called The Total Fangirling Book club. A book club of hormonal fangirl girls and guys who talk and obsess about YA fiction books. It's pretty funny, but that's the point. Maybe that will come up this week too, you'll never know...

What Else?: If you guys love new and exciting stories from bloggers, check out my friend, Delany's story she just posted! You all probably have heard of her, so go get good a look- http://therandomranterer.blogspot.com/2012/07/the-untitled-chapter-1_28.html

What are you guys excited for?

Exciting New Giveaway!


Hey guys! Before I start, I just wanted to say that I have finally gotten 200 followers last night and I am really happy right now!! Thank you guys for supporting me and reading my blog, a lot is appreciated. I wouldn't have done all these things I have done without the people who supported me so thank you!

So my friend Grant Morris, the author, is hosting a really cool giveaway for his books. 3 Paperback and 3 Kindle copies of Deacon Leeds and The Pyramid of Symbols! check it out on his blog, but because Grant was super nice, he gave me the code so it can be entered through my blog also!

So ENTER! It can't hurt. :)

Oh, I should also say when it says to "Follow My Blog" on his blog to 'Grab my button' for the entry options, make sure to go to Grant's blog to do that- http://grantmorris.blogspot.com/2012/07/update-tusks-of-odoben.html
a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Feature and Follow Friday #2!

Yay, another feature and follow! This is my second one.

Q: Summer Reading. What was your favorite book that you were REQUIRED to read when you were in school?

Well, in fifth grade we had to read City of Ember and it was amazing! It's like a really mysterious sci-fi book that took place in the future underground.

Another one was also in sixth grade when we were required to read a classic and I chose  Flowers For Algernon. It made me tear up, it was a great classic.! :)

If you are new to my blog, feel free to look around and browse! Also check out my poetry contest the last post on my feed, :) -josie

Poem Challenge/Contest!


from HERE
 Hey guys! Let's get right to the point, I am hosting a small poetry contest! Don't worry, it is not a huge or strict official thing, I want you to write a Haiku (rember those? 5-7-5?) about anything related to writing.

3 Rules

  • Follow just the one Haiku rule. 5 syllables on the first and third line. 7 syllables on the second. 5-7-5, easy enough.
  • The topic must be about writing. Be creative, I'm not that strict. I like inspiring and creative Haiku's.
  • It WOULD be pretty nice if you were a follower or subscriber. (hint, hint)
So that's basically all the rules, agian nothing big. (Revised 7/26)  Deadline: August 3 Next Friday night, U.S. Central time 7:30. Do the math.

Then I shall chose two winners or how ever many I think are really well written, maximum would probably be 5 depending on how many people enter but two winners for now.

The Winners' Haiku's will be added as a one of the quotes on my blogs sidebar so it shall stay there for people to see. Also, if the top 3 runner ups have a blog I will interview them on a post and add their blog links.

The winners will also get their deserved bragging rights.

And sorry, you won't recieve a trophy as the very happy man on the left.

Entries: Just add your Haiku to the comments below. If you worried about people doing evil little things to your Haiku, you are also welcome to email to me at- josieWriter101@gmail.com

 Good Luck! Be Creative :)

Intrview with Writer/Blogger Haley Nak!


Hey Guys! I am really excited to post my interview with one of my very inspiring and awesome friends, Haley Nak! She is so sweet and nice if you guys have not checked out her blog yet, please do and follow her here- http://17hnak.blogspot.com/! Here it goes:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and when did you start writing Haley?

My name is Haley Nakonechny and I am a sixteen year old from Manitou, Manitoba (I'm not surprised if you haven't heard of it :P).  I live there with my parents, my two older sisters (yes, I'm the baby!), and my mischievous little shih-tzu dog, Molly.  I love anything to do with sports, dogs, writing and chocolate (of course!).  I started writing pretty much as soon as I learned how to print in Kindergarten!  I started out writing the usual three sentence stories about my life that everyone in Kindergarten writes!  From there I began to love writing so I started writing at home.  I "published" my first short story when I was in grade one with hand drawn pictures and all!  From there I never looked back! 

2. Tell me about the stories you have written. How did you come up with the ideas?

 I've always enjoyed writing short stories and poems and have just recently started to write my first novel.  I mostly enjoy writing Fantasy because that's my favourite genre to read....and I read a lot (seriously).  Strangely enough, I come up with my best ideas when I'm asleep!  I finally became smart enough to keep a journal right beside my bed so that I can write things down before my dreams are lost!  Dreams are usually where I come up with the main plot line, but I usually base my characters after people who I know in real life.  That way I can give more details into what their personalities are like, and I find it easier to write about them.

3.  What do you do in your freetime when you are not writing?

In my free time I love to play sports!  My absolute favourite is badminton and I travel over an hour and a half every weekend to play at a club in Winnipeg. 
When I'm not playing badminton, it's usually volleyball!  I'm the setter for my senior high school team and it's in my opinion the most fun position to play!  Another passion of mine is baking.  I really enjoy baking a
nd decorating cupcakes.  They're my favourite thing to make!  Other than that, all empty spaces of time are usually filled with reading anything I can get my hands on and just hanging out with friends!

4.  What is the hardest part of writing to you?

To me the hardest part about writing is coming up with those little "filler" parts of the story.  Coincidently, those parts are my least favourite parts of a story to read as well.  Parts that are exciting or have lots of suspense come to me easily, but making sure that everything is set up to my liking is challenging.  Another part I find difficult is knowing when to stop writing for the day!  When I get on a roll, that's all I want to do!  Time goes by so quickly when I'm writing.  Finding a balance between the real world and my writing world is important.

5.  Tell us a memory of one of your writing experiences.

My best writing experience (so far :P) was when I won an award for a poem that I submitted for Remembrance Day.  I had already won first prize within our branch but I never thought that my poem would make it any further than that.  I was shocked to find out that I had won first prize in the Manitoba and Northwest Ontario region!  I've never been very comfortable with sharing my poems with people, so the fact that I got recognized for one of them was really exciting for me!  Since then I've been less shy about sharing them, so it was a really positive experience for me.

6.  What advice would you give young writers who are reaching their goals to be an Author?

My advice for young writers who want to be authors is to just write.  For me, a really good thing has been that I've been writing things since I was little because it helps me a ridiculous amount that I can look back and see what I was doing wrong.  Write down anything and everything!  What's wrong with filing an idea away even if you don't want to right about it at the time?  You may look back at that idea and be like whoa!  I'm glad I wrote that down!  Another important thing to do is follow this blog!  You Only Write So Much is a great place to find pointers on writing and get inspired!

7.  Tell us about your blog?

Haley's Blog
 My blog is actually my novel!  I post the chapters of it online as I finish them.  I find this helps me get feedback on my story and it keeps me motivated to keep writing it  I'm currently in the process of writing the tenth chapter but the first nine chapters are posted and ready to be read!  Here's the general idea of my story!

Heather was a regular girl just out of high school.  Her life was going great.  She had a great family, supportive friends, Tanner (the best boyfriend in the world), and exciting plans for her future.  However, things change when she is suddenly killed in a car accident.  She is introduced to a whole new world that she didn't know existed.  Now she must learn to adapt to the strange new place that has new rules, new people, and....Phoenix.

8.  Do you have any favorite books or authors?

Definitely!  Who doesn't?  My favourite authors include J.K. Rowling, Cassandra Clare, Suzanne Collins and  Caroline B. Cooney.  I have to say, I'm a sucker for series!  Even if a book isn't that great, I have to read the sequels just so I can find out what happened!  It's almost a curse!  So that's why most of my favourite books belong to series.  I absolutely LOVED the entire Harry Potter series, the Mortal Instruments series, the Hunger Games series and the Infernal Devices so far.  I recommend all of them highly!

9.  Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or Hunger Games?

 You're going to make me choose between Harry Potter and the Hunger Games?  That's almost cruel!  But in the end, if I absolutely had to choose I think I would pick Harry Potter.  I was floored by the way all of J.K. Rowling's books were connected.  Tiny details in the first book are huge parts of the story in the later books!  How she even came up with all of it, who knows?  As for Percy Jackson, I'm ashamed to say I've never read it....I might have to put it on my TBR list!

10.  Why do you write?

I write because it's a way to put my feelings into words.  I challenged myself to journal something every night before I went to bed for 365 days and at the end of the year I had accomplished my goal.  I think that's what it is...when I write I feel a sense of accomplishment.  Plus, when I write, the world can be whatever I want it to be at the time!  I think that's why I love fiction so much because the possibilities are endless.  I can create a whole new world, which is actually what I did in the novel I'm currently writing.  I grew up writing, so to even think about stopping isn't really an option!  It's one of my favourite things to do and I'm sure I will continue writing for a long time!

Thanks you agian Haley for letting me interview you about your writing and your life! I am really glad we did, if you guys have not followed her writing blog yet, you should! No, you have to!  http://17hnak.blogspot.com/

Unlocking Your Writing Voice in 10 Easy Steps!


 Why is it important to have your own unique writing voice? Well, having your own voice in your writing is what people will be attracted to, it has to represent and sound like your personality. This is especially important if you have a blog, you want people getting used to your voice and knowing that your readers will get to know you a whole lot better!

In this post I will tell you ten easy steps on finding your own writing voice. These steps were inspired by Jeff Goins- http://goinswriter.com/writing-voice/

  1. Describe yourself in five simple adjectives. For example- funny, jumpy, calm, intellectual, smooth.
  2. Ask and answer this question after that: "Is That how I talk?"
  3. Think about your Ideal reader. Describe that person in detail. After that, write to him on paper or in your mind. Example: My ideal reader is a teen or a young adult. She's carefree and is alwys hungry for writing tips and advice. She's a newbie to blogging and so she always asks questions and talks to me for help. Oh, and she loves reading!
  4. Write down at least 5 books or articles that you like to read. Examine them for a while, what did you notice? What do these articles say about you? "Often what we admire is what we aspire to be." -Jeff Goins
  5. List your favorite, authors, people, or influences. Do you use these references in the way you talk and write? Example: I always refer to my favorite Y.A. fiction authors when I'm writing.
  6. If you are still trying to figure out your voice, ask people. Ask them what is their voice and what do you sound like?
  7. Go for the free- writing. Just go crazy and write what you feel like writing for about twenty minutes. Look back at what you wrote and ask yourself, "Is that what my writing sounds like?" If it does not sound like you, do it agian and don't hold back this time.
  8. Read one of your writing pieces you have recently written. ask yourself, "Is that something I would read?" If not, change your voice.
  9. Then ask yourself, "Do I like writing what I'm writing? Am I enjoying my writing time?" If your writing feels more like work, you are probably not writing like yourself.
  10. "Pay attention to how you're feeling". How do you feel before showing other people your work? Fear? Worry? If you do, you are doing the right thing!  Being scared of what you wrote is a good thing, it means you are finally trying to be different and nothing is wrong with that
So that's it! Remeber having a writing voice is important, it's your one selling tool to make your readers like you. Hope you enjoyed this post, to see more head oer to this link by Jeff Goins- http://goinswriter.com/writing-voice/

Comments, Opinions? Drop Comments Below! Hugs and Candy -josie :)

Would You Rather Tag!


Hey guys! So I have been tagged for the would you rather tag by the creator itself, D.L.T. or Delaney! She is so awesome, I justs love her blog randomness and I am really glad she is one of my closest blogging friends! Check out her blog IN THIS LINK. Thanks agian Delaney :)

Here are the Rules:
  • Intros!-Tell us about yourself and your blog
  • Answer the 6 questions in anyway you want
  • Tag 6 bloggers (or however many people you want to tag)
  • Tell them they have been tagged and link back to your post
  • Put the Would You Rather...? picture to your post

About Me:
Hi I'm Joselle but my friends call me Josie most of the time. On my blog I talk about writing and give advice to other aspiring writers like me. Once in a while other peoples work are featured here or interviews from big authors! I love talking to people so email me sometime! :)

The Questions:
  • Reading: Would you rather read a classic book or a dictionary?
A classic book, because well, do you really want to read a dictionary?
  • Getting : Would you rather receive a $50 gift card to a bookshop or a library card?
I would rather get a library card honestly, you can get more books with it even though you can't keep them.
  • Shopping : Would you rather look at books at a bookstore or a library?
I like looking at the books at a bookstore because their covers are shiiiiiny and so neeeew!
  • Sleeping : Would you rather stay up and see what happens in the book (and its a part where it's a must) or go to sleep?
Haha, EVERY night I always stay up and finish a book, I don't care about sleep. Sleep only matters when I have school.
  • Writing: Would you rather write on a laptop/computer or in a notebook/paper?
That's a hard one. I usually get my ideas on paper first, and then do most of the drafts on the computer. :p
  • Eating : Would you rather eat while you read or keep glancing at the bag of food while you read?
I would keep glancing at food when I read, food distracts me. Unless they are talking about chocolate in a book, I run strait to the kitchen.

Blogs I tagged:

Boring Writing = Bored Readers.


from HERE
 Have you ever had one of those days when your blog posts or even your own writing  feels dead, unoriginal, and just not worth it? I bet you have because those days are the worst for me when I just feel like not writing at all. Here is my way of bringing life to my writing and how I get my happiness in it! :D


Break A Rule. Say Something Different.

When you write your regular posts for book reviews or something your readers always know what they are going to expect. A rating, an opinion, a review. That's the thing. IT'S BORING. Sorry if I hurt anyone but it is most of the time and it's not a very interesting blog. But you know I still love you guys. Even for your own writing, many  people have the same concepts and perspectives in a story as a lot of other writers and it annoys me.

So What Do I Do?

On your next blog post or writing project, say something totally and completely different. Break a rule. Don't be scared to go off your daily routine, it's the point you're supposed to be scared.

Scared is good. How are people supposed to not be bored to death by your posts or writing? Whatever kind of different you write, good or bad, people WILL be reading about you.

Write something you would never ever say. I'm not even going to give you a warning for that one, people will be reading your stuff anyway! This will make your work actually alive and boost up your confidence.

What if I wanted to say that even though I'm a total book addict I have never ever touched a single Harry Potter Novel? AND that I watched all the movies anyway!

See? Judge me all you want about Harry Potter, but that got your attention huh? It's also true.

The point is, go out of your regular comfort zone. BE scared, Be afraid. I would rather read a blog or a book that had totally different and original ideas rather than one that stayed safe the whole time.

What are you going to do about it? Opinions? Drop comments below :) -josie

Writing Journal Organization


This is the second installement of the Journal series I created, if you missed the 1st one click HERE. I am going to talk about how to organizing your writing journal to make the most out of using it. :)

Journal Selection: There are millions of journal styles out there with different sizes, shapes, and design. Picking one out is the most exciting as well as important things to think about when first starting out.

Mine is a medium thick spiral bound notepad that is not as big as an actual notebook or as small as a stickynote. It Includes lined square shaped pages with a transparent cupcake cover on the front. Make sure to choose a journal that represents you and makes you feel comfortable of writing inside it.

Sections of organization: Now that you have choosen a journal that fits you, you have to organize the sections of what things you write in a number of pages. What I mean by that is like for example, having a section for advice notes, your story developments, or just an inspirational section.

On mine I created stcky note tabs that corresponds to the section.

Tab 1- Advice Notes Tab 2- - daily writing excercises Tab 3- Story developmets
Tab 4- random ideas for stories Tab 5- quotes and research

Here is a list of sections you can include in your writing journal. *= important
  • Advice notes
  • insprationl quotes
  • writing excercises*
  • personal experiences*
  • Story developmant and expansion
  • character development (creating a bunch of random characters)
  • random ideas or inspiring thoughts for a story*
  • random diaolouge for charaters
  • blog posts and articles (nice for bloggers)
  • Book reviews
  • thoughts about your recent books
  • Poems
There are probably a dozen more ideas of sections you can put into your writing journal but these are just some great ideas to start with!

Calander-  Including a calender is optional but it really helps you keep in line of your day to day work for your stories, blogs, or things that you need to jot down. My calender that I inserted in the beginnning page of my writing journal really helps me a lot in what I HAVE to do for my blog and events for online writing programs or contests.

Writing Prompts Section- I will be explaining more of this in the next post of this series but it is VERY important that you create a section for daily writing excercises. In the next post I will be explaining writing propmts, excercises and where to keep and organize them in your writing journal.

Design- This is also an optional step but it's really fun to do and create to make your writing journal represent you more. I am not a huge expert on notebook designs but here are a few ideas if you want to.


from HERE
from HERE

So yeah, these are some really great designs and you can always go online and just search 'Creative Journal covers' and dozens of journal designs.

I hope this article helps with your writing journal organization, remember it is important to add sections to certain writing topics but it's your journal so do whatever your comfortable with!

How are you going to organize your Writing journal?

Keep in touch to my blog, on the third post to this series I will explain writing prompts/ideas to write for and your writing enviornment. Hugs and Candy! :)

Why Do Authors Write:Cindy Lyle

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and when did you start writing?

I am a 35-year-old stay at home mom who loves my job. I have a beautiful 8-year-old daughter named Hannah and an 18-year old stepson named Josh. I have been married to my wonderful and supportive husband Joe for the past nine years and we live in Ontario, Canada. I guess I first started writing when I was still in high school although I never really thought I could go anywhere with it. Then life happened and my dreams were put on the back burner. It wasn’t until two years ago that I finally got my spark back and I began to write “The Dragon Within”.

2. Tell me about the books you have written and the most recent ones. How did you come up with the ideas?
The Dragon Within is my first novel

Creative Rut!

Hey Guys! So I just ran into this infogram and it is really helpful! :)

How to Break Out of a Creative Rut
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Feature and Follow Friday!


Hey Guys! This is a meme hosted by Parajunkee & Alison Can Read, where book bloggers answer a question each week and check out how others answered it. It's a nice way for bloggers and viewers to connect and learn more about each other! I'm new at this so I just followed both of the hosts.

This weeks question is- Christmas in July! Someone gives you a gift card for two books (whatever that costs). What two books will you buy? My answer is...

Answer-  I really want to get my hands on Tiger Lily by Jodi Lunn Anderson. There has been some talk about it and I just love fairytale inspired fiction! So I will definately get it soon. :)

The other book I just discovered is Such A Rush by Jennifer Echols. I have seen other books from her and the summary just hooked me for this book.
Such a Rush
Yeah! So if you're new here, welcome to my writing blog! I know this meme is mostly for book blogs, but I am a major book addict. But I love writing just the same. Check out my best articles on 'Best of YOWSM' Tab on the top! :)

Chapter Two: Soft Green Eyes and Sugar Sweet Smile

It's finally here!!! The second chapter of my Story I'm writing ! I took a while to edit this so i'm sorry if this wasn't out earlier but I worked really hard on it for the past few days. If you have not read the past posts for this story here is the- summary and - Chapter One.

Chapter Two: Soft Green Eyes and Sugar Sweet Smile

from HERE
            Violet slept soundlessly asleep last night, thoughts of Ethan and her lingered in her thoughts like a swirl of misshapen stories. Words echoed through the soundless boards of her brain as their voices could mesmerize even the slightest thoughtless person.

            Give me my Romeo, and, when he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night,
And pay no worship to the garish sun. (5.3.175)

Violet turned around on her bed sheets, clutching her forehead as if it might shatter like glass. Ethan’s thick loving voice comforted her for a hair of a second, but the words still tangled in her thoughts.

What is in a name? That which we call a rose? By any other name would smell as sweet. (2.2.45-6)

Ethan. Ethan was speaking through her.

It is the east, and Juliet is the sun… wherever our hearts may lead, whenever the sun will rise, whenever you shall sing, I’ll always find you Violet…

Violet was breathing vigorously at that point; confusion couldn’t frame the thoughts she was hearing that moment. She wasn’t trapped, she was haunted. Her body was tense all over.

Thus with a kiss I die.

With that, Violet’s head dropped in an even deeper sleep of emptiness.

The next day, Violet woke up with grogginess as she tried to stop her head from exploding to a thousand bits. It was the first time she thought the sun was shining too bright. There was a weird feeling that settled in her gut, Violet only remembered experiencing a sudden drop into emptiness in her faltering dream that night. Well there’s nothing else to remember, she thought, but Violet also felt there had to be something more. You can’t fall into a pit of hollowness if you never had something to fall from.
Violet finally sat up halfheartedly, only to be stared down by Ethan who sat on her computer desk chair. Her heart almost jumped from her chest.
“Eek! Ethan, what the heck?!” Violet screeched. Ethan flashed his boyish grin at her unflinching from her surprise.
“Well good morning to you too little V.” He replied politely. Ethan noticed her tense sensation and immediately stood up.
“Are you okay V? I have been in here for twenty minutes with your eyes wide open, not even moving a single part of you, with your pupils looking like a black hole. I almost thought you stopped breathing for a second and did that weird dying thing with your eyes open, you know I worry about right V?” Ethan stroked his hair stressfully.
Violet looked at him with her arms crossed and eyebrows scrunched together trying to understand what just happened there herself..
“Yeah um, I guess. But thanks for your concern. Sorry to freak you out, but I never felt that weird feeling before.”
Violet took a step and a wave of drowsiness passed by her head that made her knees buckle. Ethan quickly ran to Violet and took her behind the waist and arms holding her close.
Violet tried standing up on her own waving her hand in Ethan’s direction, “it’s okay Ethan, I sometimes fall like this when I sleep too comfy too much.” Violet knew that wasn’t the reason, but she couldn’t remember the right reason. Ethan didn’t look like he bought it.
“V. You don’t think I know when you’re lying? You need some more sleep, or even-“, Violet interrupted.
“No it’s okay; I need to change that’s what.” Violet shoved him out in the hall and closed the door. Ethan spoke through the door and said he’d wait outside completely defeated.
When Violet was just starting to undress, the home phone went off in her room. She hopped over to the phone with her pants half on and put on the best monotone voice she could perform.
“Hello, you have reached the voicemail of Violet Auborn’s mobile. Please leave a message at the tone.” When she started to put it down, Violet heard Tyler’s voice.
“Violet I know it’s you.” Tyler’s chuckle ringed through the speaker.
“Ha-ha! Hey Tyler.”
“Morning little V, you busy today? I’m going out later with a couple of friends at the play place, want to come along?” Tyler asked eagerly.
“Oh I can’t Ethan’s over today.” Violet replied apologetically. Tyler grunted and made an impatient sound over the speaker.
“Sorry Tyler, Ethan came over first, maybe next time.”
“Wait, Ethan’s already there? At 7 A.M. in the morning?” Tyler asked incredulously. He sighed.
“You know maybe I should come over there and-“Violet interrupted.
“No, it’s fine Tyler. I’m going to be okay. Jeez, it’s like whenever Ethan comes over you treat him like a street prisoner that needs to be in a cage or something.”
“Okaaay, fine if that’s what you want. But this doesn’t change anything, I’ll see you later.”
“Alrighty, bye Tyler!”
“Love you little V.” With that Violet threw the phone back on her sheets.

from HERE
Violet hopped downstairs and heard the melodic sound of the Grand Piano echoing through the whole house. Ethan was seated on their brown velvet bench gracefully playing the piano. She watched him closely as the window sunlight was shining down on him as it bounced off his glowing gold hair. Violet never thought she could hear such music coming from the grand piano, or even see such beauty from the stairway. As if Ethan felt her staring he stopped playing and looked up.
Violet was perched on the stairway railing propped on her elbows studying him. Her red auburn hair was carelessly swung over her one shoulder as the little hairs were swept out of Violet’s face like bangs. Her smile was as bright as the sun itself Ethan thought, and he couldn’t help but smile too.
“What are you playing?” Violet asked eagerly.
            “It’s one of my favorite songs by John Lennon. I’m still learning it but I think I got the hang of most of it.” Ethan shuffled through the sheet music and looked up again to find Violet standing beside him.
“Want to sing along V?” Ethan knew Violet loved singing, even though he only heard her a couple of times in her voice lessons through a closed door and when she sang to him a couple years back, but it’s been a while.
Violet’s eyes widened. “Sing? Like, right now? Oh, I can’t Ethan.” She looked down and started to fumble with her fingers, slowly backing away from the piano. Ethan pulled her back from her arms and led her back carefully.
“Violet, I know it’s been awhile but no doubt you are a great singer always have been. I love hearing your voice. Can you at least just sing for me this one time? Please?” Ethan asked anxiously. Violet thought for a moment and shifted her eyes to the sheet music on the piano stand. She picked the pile up and observed it closely as Ethan was still looking for an answer on her face.
“Okay. I’ll do it. For you.” Violet flashed her angelic grin at Ethan as he celebrated his victory.
            Ethan began the piano chords to the prelude as Violet went around and stood at the piano end and began singing.
            Imagine there’s no countries
            It isn’t hard to do
            Nothing to kill or die for
            And no religion, too
            Imagine all the people
            Living life in peace”
Violet took one breath relaxing her voice.
            “You may say I’m a dreamer,
            But I’m not the only one
Ethan looked over at her as she sang. He thought Violet had an amazing voice ever since she first sang to him two years age . Even as a fifth grader, Violet’s soft melodic voice was mesmerizing.
            “I hope someday you will join us,
            And the world will be as one”
Violet continued singing as he played the piano chords lightly.
            Ethan couldn’t stop staring at Violet’s soft green eyes, or her sugar sweet smile. He couldn’t stop falling in love with her voice as much as her own self. Ethan was a 6th grader, he thought, he didn’t know any of that stuff. The only thing he was sure of was that he never wanted to be separated from Violet.
                                                            *          *          *
            That morning, David rode his bike to the park so he could read peacefully in the nice autumn air. It was one of the only reasons he ever went out; that along with the library and school. Tyler was also out too meeting some friends over by the huge Highway Bridge where they had a play set out of the streets on the grassy plain.
            When David Set his bike down on the rail, he went over to the biggest tree in the park and sat in the shade to proceed with his book. He noticed a couple of the guys from the other class was there too; Daniel, Mike, Toby and a bunch others. Ethan was usually with them too but David saw his bike over at Violets that morning. He could imagine Tyler bearing over that over dinner.
            Daniel slowly approached David from the swings.
            “Well, isn’t it nice you’re not that socially deprived? Ha, everyone else at school thought you would eventually shrivel up in a ball and die in your room alone. But look, you visited the park.” As Daniel spoke louder, the other kids started listening in.
            Daniel glowered down a t David darkly, “Big mistake, mate.” Daniel always had a slight Australian accent that was slowly faded away through the years. At that point everyone made a huge crowd around David and Daniel.
            “Just leave me alone Daniel.” David replied defensively. He didn’t want to attract a crowd; David felt he could face Daniel easier without a huge audience.
            “I think not. Yeah, this town is cruel but it’s survival of the fitted. No one wants you here David, thought you realized that, like two years ago I’m look at you, have you really taken a good look at yourself in the mirror? Ha, if I were you I would have killed myself already.” Daniel leaned in close, “You’re just a small town loser David.”
            David looked down at his hands, fighting the urge to sob as his heart kept thumping faster.
            Mike chimed in happily after a moment, “Ha, Forever alone!!!” The whole crowd cheered on and added to Mikes chime. At that point David’s face was red and puffy by the tears. He didn’t know he could cry that fast. He even dared to look up.
            “Yeah! Get out of here Nerd!”
            “I can’t believe your mother gave birth to you loser!”
            “I bet you’re going to die alone in your bathroom!”
            David’s body couldn’t take it. The looks on their faces was unbearable. He was screaming at that point with his hands in fists. David tried to stay strong but his tears just kept coming, and he just kept wiping them away.
            Daniel came up to David and threw his book in the nearby pond vigorously. Every one cheered on.
            David pushed his way through the crowd while being shoved and fell down and scraped his knees a couple of times. His fists were shaking as he sprinted towards the Road Bridge.
He didn’t want the life he was living.
                                                            *          *          *
            “Then when Juliet found poor Romeo dead, she didn’t have the will to move on without him, so she grabbed the dagger and took her own life in sorrow.”
            Violet and Ethan went out for a walk. For Violet never wasted a good autumn breeze. Ethan looked over at her astonished.
            “Unbelievable. Now they’re both dead?” Ethan asked.  Violet nodded. She remembered the first time her Dad told her the story, Violet was so sad for them at the end that she actually cried. She hated if that were to happen to her. But Violet still had that weird settling in her stomach as she thought of Romeo and Juliet.
            “I guess it’s understandable.” Ethan replied
            “What do you mean?” Violet never found any sense in the story; she thought it was about unforgiving love and tragic deaths.
            “I mean, no one would even listen-“Ethan was disrupted as Violet turned her back.
            “Wait, is that David running over there?” Violet asked surprised David ever ran at all. She was her close cousin and fellow class mate, but she barely ever saw him since David was always in his room. Violet was always very close to Tyler, for Tyler wedged himself into her life.
            Ethan followed her gaze and spotted him on the opposite side of the street where they were walking heading downtown.
            “Yeah,” Ethan replied alarmed.
            “His face is all red and puffy, almost as if he… he was crying.” Violets voice faded out, hoping nothing worse was going to come out, but had never seen him run so fast, David almost looked like he was angry. Then she noticed a huge crowd of kids from Ethan’s class chasing just a few feet behind David.
            “Ethan!” Violet exclaimed in a worried tone. Ethan took her by the elbows carefully and led her down the street.
            “Come on, we have to stop David.” Ethan said cautiously.
            With that, Ethan and violet were sprinting worriedly to David, along with an angry mob of kids.
                                                            *          *          *
I would love some feedback or sugestions! If I have a typo or mistake please tell me so I can fix it. Chapter 3 will come out soon!