Your Proclamation as a writer

This site is all about finding your inner writer and bringing it to its best while conquering your fears. I always found it hard debating if I was an official writer, or not, but then I realized something.

 You can call yourself a writer whenever you feel like you are, no one can tell you not to call yourself a writer.

So what I want you to do, is say to someone that's been putting you down for your your dreams of being a writer and tell them a whole proclamation of why you truly have a right to calling yourself a writer. Say it to anyone, I want you to post your proclamation as a writer on here to make it feel official and say it outloud.

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The unseen secret to improving your writing

As an early and obsessive writer, I have looked up so many sites and blogs to finding out the secret to improving your writing and being the best writer you can be, and trust me there are alot of theories. Then I gathered up all the knowledge and research i have seen on other blogs and writing sites and here is what i found out towards the secret to writing.

Just Write. Just write every day. Write everyday, anywhere, anytime. Just keep writing! Yes, the secret is to write as much as you can everyday to improve tour writing skills.

They don't even have to be good. The point is if you just write everyday for even 20 minutes, your writing will be the difference to any other writer with the same goal as you. Make it a habit, just sit on your comfy writing chair and start exploding words from your mind, everything that you are feeling.

Just write whenever you can and you will know everything about improving your writing skills in just a matter of time -YOWSM

YOWSM - you only write so much

Hey guys! This is a new blog I created for aspiring writers who want to someday get published and get advice for your work. Although, you must know this trend to officially get to know this site, YOWSM- you only write so much, so speak your mind and never give up! What I'm saying is to write whatever your mind wants to put on paper and don't be afraid of what comes next.

It isn't as catchy as some acronyms, but this what this site is all about!