Camp NaNoWriMo Day 3! Where I Save My Work

Hey again guys! For me it's day three of Camp NaNoWriMo and it has been going very good for me so far. I had about 4000+ words the first day and now day three I'm planning not to spend the WHOLE day writing. I had nothing to do yesterday so I kept writing and writing and writing because I have no friends during the summer. :( Kidding, this camp is obviously more important than my fellow friends.

Here is a picture of me today around early morning time when I just gave out in like the first paragraph of the day. Ain't I attractive here with my little mustache. ----------->>>

Okay so I want to talk about how I save all my chapters and work for NaNoWriMo. It's important to save and back up your work in different places just in case one place doesn't work when you open it. I have all my chapters saved in three places and this is how I use them:

Write app on Windows- I use this app on my laptop with Windows to actually write in the process with no distractions and everything is all clear on my screen.

Microsoft OneNote 2013- I save my chapters on here so I can organize which parts I have, which parts I don't have, and switch around chapters if I need to. This place is good to see overall what I have in my novel.

Microsoft Word Documents 2013- I use this regular word processor to save my chapters after I finish it on my app and then after I finish everything I will use this place to actually edit my work and print out the manuscript. So I kind of use this as a place to save all my drafts.

So Basically I have a place to write all my work, I have a place to organize all that work, and then I have a place to edit, process, and print out that work. They are all saved in those three places also just in case I need a backup.

I have all  all these resources because not only do I want to back up and save all my chapters I want to have different places or stations for me to go through while I organize and edit my novel.

Tell me where you guys save all your work and how you organize everything for NaNoWriMo! Is it on Google Drive? Just on your word processor? Scrivener?


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  1. I've been horrible and haven't even started yet. Been too busy working on moving my blog to wordpress. But when I am actually writing, I keep everything in Scrivener and then have my projects saved in a folder in my Dropbox. I just like it better than Google Drive and have more space for things anyway. Then, once a week I save my writing folder on a flash drive so I have an extra backup. Dropbox is mostly so I can sync between my laptop and desktop with ease, but also for the added protection of having it on the website at all times. I used to use Evernote for my research and notes, but found it was easier to keep all of that right in my Scrivener project for that novel. So now I use Evernote for notes for my blog instead.

  2. Your Blog surelly looks amazing and oh, yeah. Welcome back. We've missed you.

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