Poem Challenge/Contest!

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 Hey guys! Let's get right to the point, I am hosting a small poetry contest! Don't worry, it is not a huge or strict official thing, I want you to write a Haiku (rember those? 5-7-5?) about anything related to writing.

3 Rules

  • Follow just the one Haiku rule. 5 syllables on the first and third line. 7 syllables on the second. 5-7-5, easy enough.
  • The topic must be about writing. Be creative, I'm not that strict. I like inspiring and creative Haiku's.
  • It WOULD be pretty nice if you were a follower or subscriber. (hint, hint)
So that's basically all the rules, agian nothing big. (Revised 7/26)  Deadline: August 3 Next Friday night, U.S. Central time 7:30. Do the math.

Then I shall chose two winners or how ever many I think are really well written, maximum would probably be 5 depending on how many people enter but two winners for now.

The Winners' Haiku's will be added as a one of the quotes on my blogs sidebar so it shall stay there for people to see. Also, if the top 3 runner ups have a blog I will interview them on a post and add their blog links.

The winners will also get their deserved bragging rights.

And sorry, you won't recieve a trophy as the very happy man on the left.

Entries: Just add your Haiku to the comments below. If you worried about people doing evil little things to your Haiku, you are also welcome to email to me at- josieWriter101@gmail.com

 Good Luck! Be Creative :)


  1. This is just for fun! I don't have to be entered in the contest :P

    Untold stories, told
    Imaginations explored
    Writers are at work

  2. My hand tells me no,
    Imagination says go,
    Fine, just one line more.

    Just for kicks :)

  3. Let me see (epic fail attempt here):

    Me, Everyone
    The way the pen goes...is on
    Banishing time now



Drop comments below! :)