The unseen secret to improving your writing

As an early and obsessive writer, I have looked up so many sites and blogs to finding out the secret to improving your writing and being the best writer you can be, and trust me there are alot of theories. Then I gathered up all the knowledge and research i have seen on other blogs and writing sites and here is what i found out towards the secret to writing.

Just Write. Just write every day. Write everyday, anywhere, anytime. Just keep writing! Yes, the secret is to write as much as you can everyday to improve tour writing skills.

They don't even have to be good. The point is if you just write everyday for even 20 minutes, your writing will be the difference to any other writer with the same goal as you. Make it a habit, just sit on your comfy writing chair and start exploding words from your mind, everything that you are feeling.

Just write whenever you can and you will know everything about improving your writing skills in just a matter of time -YOWSM


  1. I quite agree that one needs to write, and keep writing, to improve. After years of taking part in events such as NaNoWriMo or 'word wars' over IRC chat-rooms, I can feel the difference. My first drafts are now very far from the dribble I used to give birth to a few years ago.

    1. Hey thanks! When i first read aboit this tip i immediately started writing everyday and i improved so much! :)


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