A Writing journal, Why?

Have you guys ever had a tsunami of amazing ideas and pictures inside your minds and all of the ideas just clogged up in your brain as unwritten thoughts? If you don't unclog your stampede of ideas there won't be any room for understanding, expanding, or completing the thoughts.

Have you ever thought about keeping a journal for your writing? If you have not, this is the most important article you will ever have to read!

In this post, I will explain the 3 benefits of keeping a writing journal. I remember when I was young I Just loved having the thought of actually having a journal for my writing and it was the best thing that was always so close to me. Well that and my family, but my notebook of my writing kept me in touch with every thought that lingered in my little brain.

1. The Expansion of your plan of domination (or just simply growing your ideas)

When I write a thought for a story down, I think of ways to grow branches on the idea. A writing journal is the perfect way to organize that! For example, the plot is about characters that can have the power to control gravity. A branch can be comparing love as a gravitational pull. See, it's basically a detail grown from your original thought and it's fun to see where this takes you as you continue to gain from every single detail!

Can you do this with a clogged brain with no paper? I don't think so. A journal is a great way to keep aligned with your details and notes.

2. To figure out what the heck you are thinking in your dirty writing brain.

In every writer, there is always a huge personal side to their writing and to what they write about. We all come to mind blowing experiences and lessons in life that our writing can have a gigantic potential for. As writers, we have to understand ourselves, our insights, and personal experiences to incorporate and make out of our writing. Or else our writing will feel dead, lifeless, and totally fake.

It's like a therapeutic practice for us, we need understanding to create potential in what we write. Don't ever doubt that jotting down your personal thoughts and experiences will do you the greatest good in the future.

3.  Do I read advice? Yes. Do I remember the advice? uhhh, what advice.

Writing down writing advice is probably one of the most important feature you must have in your journal. It's like taking notes in math class, jot down the main points of an article or lecture and incorporate that into your work. This was how my journal was created, I was browsing through the internet for a bunch of writing tips and I took out a random notebook and wrote them down as notes for the future.

Let me just say this method is a really helpful towards young writers because we are still learning about the writing dynamic and as they say in math class, NOTES ARE IMPORTANT!

So the point I am trying to make is that a writing journal is a great thing to keep if you are a young writer becuase it lets you express, expand, and learn from your words.

Keep in touch, next I will write about how to organize your journal, what to write in it, and special tips to learn from it. Hugs and candy! :)


  1. Great post! I look forward to the next one!

    1. thanks Ariel, the next post is coming really soon! :)

  2. Great post and thanks for the advice.
    I think it's time I get myself one :-)

    1. thanks roro, I love keeping my writing journal and it's great for bloggers too! :)

  3. Great Post! I have nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award: http://tiffanylovesbooks.wordpress.com/2012/07/19/one-lovely-blog-award/

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