Josie is Back!!

Haha. Sorry I just felt like adding this.
Hey guys! I am so excited to be back once agian on my blog it's just everything has been really hectic this past week with my school year coming up and I have been really stressy since the beginning of the month and I just didn't really have enough energy or time to come back here and post agian.

But I am here now and I hope I'll be back on my regular routine agian.

My school year starts on August 27 which is coming up very quickly for me because (lucky me) I have band stuff to do before that, organize my supplies, heck I even have to do some essays in the summer before school. Its pain. I don't like pain.

1. Since summer is ending sadly for me I wanted to organize a few things on my blog. So first I have finally decided to change my routine for blog posts.

Before I used to post every single day (which was probably a little annoying for some of you guys) and I don't think I can hold up that commitment when school starts so you can count on me to post on Monadys and Fridays. Remember that my main posting wil be on Monday and Friday for certain! If I do have a lot of time during the whole week I will do an extra post.

2. The second thing on my agenda today is to talk about guest posting. I wanted to ask really breifly if I can have some help with some of my posts this week and if any blogger would love to guest post on here. PLEASE SAVE ME FROM MY MISERY OF STRESS! Cause it will take me a while to get back to my writing mojo. Here is a list of topics you can talk about for the guest post:

  • Cretaive writing
  • writing tips
  • writing excercises
  • why do you write?
  • poems
  • short stories
I think that's all  I can think of right now, if you want to write about something not on the list at least make it something that I would post on this blog. I can accept book related thing just not any book reviews. I don't know what other book related things are there but I just don't post book reviews.

So email me if you want to guest post an article on here, I love meeting new bloggers and working with them!

I think that's all for now, agian I am so glad to be back and posting and I hope I will hear from you guys a lot more soon! Hugs and Candy! -josie


  1. YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First I thought maybe you'll be gone for a little so I didn't ask but then it started getting long and I was thinking maybe you were enjoying summer. But you weren't. And you're a band geek? Me too. WELCOME BACK!!!!!!! XDDDDD

    1. Haha! Yeah im an alto saxophone band geek, were actually pretty cool in our school :) what abou tyou delaney, of course i misse dyou!!! :)

    2. I'm actually in percussion. Drums and all the stuff. :)

    3. Thats so cool! If i didnt do sax i would have done percussion :)

    4. Thanks! But sax is awesome, too! :)

  2. Haha I love that book (all my friends are dead) it was so funny. I was getting kind of worried, nice to have you back though.

    1. Thanks nicole! I borrowed the book at the library one day and the person checking it out in the front gave me a weird look, haha!

  3. Don't worry! We all love you and don't blame you AT ALL! That must be super busy posting every day!
    P.S. I play the trumpet :P


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