Chapter Three: Every Sick Day

            In David’s mind there was only him and the 40 ft. Road Bridge. He wasn’t going to let anyone stop him; his body was pumping with adrenaline.
In David’s mind he silently said goodbye to his parents, Tyler, and Violet. More tears streamed from his puffed eyes as he thought of his family, but this time he let them fall.
                                                                           *             *             *
               As Ethan and Violet were approaching the Road Bridge, Violet spotted Tyler and his class of friends on the play set.
               “TYLER!” She yelled out when she reached him with Ethan. Violet rested her hands on her knees to catch her breath. Tyler jumped out to help her up, alarmed.
               “What’s wrong?! What did you do, run a twenty mile marathon?” He looked over at Ethan darkly.
               “Are you responsible for this?” Tyler pointed out Violet.
               “No, you don’t understand,” Ethan tried to explain between breaths, “David is running around here at this time with a huge mob with Daniel, doing who knows what, trailing behind him. “ Tyler walked toward Ethan with narrowed eyes.
               “Daniel huh? So you’re with them?” Tyler crossed his broad arms.
“That wasn’t what I said Tyler I-“
“No, I think it’s what you didn’t say. You’re always with Daniel, and you’re probably just here to stall me! How dare you bring Violet into this! You know she can’t be here especially in a crowded road!” Tyler was in face at that point.
“I don’t think you understand the issue that your own brother is running about here too Tyler, risking his life!”
“Oh, so you’d rather leave Violet walking around somewhere here?” Tyler was obviously trying to pick a fight.
Violet interrupted Ethan and pushed Tyler back.
               “David is running towards this 40 ft. Road Bridge at this time with a huge mob of kids from the other class, doing who knows what Tyler! We’re supposed to do something, stop pick fighting!” Ethan tried to calm her down a reassure her carefully. Tyler stopped dead in his tracks and shuddered.
               “What kind of business could he possibly have at the bridge?” Tyler asked calmly. Violet, who was on the verge of hot tears, took Tyler by his shoulders violently.
               “You have to stop him, Tyler. The only thing I suspect is…” Violet’s voice shook. “Is… that he’s going to jump off that 40 ft. bridge and-“
               Violet didn’t finish, for Tyler was already running to David on the edge of the bridge. Ethan, Violet and everyone else followed.
                                                                           *             *             *
               David looked behind him, Daniels mob was still trailing closer and closer behind him. He estimated that he had ran about a mile from the park at that point. The traffic was extremely busy on that time of day which, David hoped, would slow the down the mob.
               He felt like his lungs would burst, but he finally reached the edge of the steel bridge and started climbing.
                                                                           *             *             *
               Violet thought they were going to be too late, but was somehow relieved when she saw Tyler climbing after David on the edge of the bridge.
               Violet looked around her and saw almost the whole school crowded around the bridge either chanting or screaming at David to stop. This would have already attracted the police and driving car passengers by the bridge.
               Violet was scared and she needed her parents, or even Tyler’s. Ethan always had an emergency phone with him but she lost him in the huge crowd
               “Ethan!!” She could barely move properly with all those kids crowded against one another.
               “Ethan, where are you!!! “
                                                                           *             *             *
               “Violet!” Ethan screamed to the top of his lungs. “Violet!”
               Ethan couldn’t be more worried about anything in his life other than that moment. Her parents trusted him and he wasn’t going to lose Violet on a busy, crowded Road Bridge. Ethan called all the Auborn’s for David and Tyler, but Violet was nowhere to be found. Suddenly out of the huge crowd, Daniel came up behind him.
               “Dude, where were you this morning? We’re best friends, next time you’re coming on board! I mean, look at this racket!” Daniel motioned to the crowd around him.
               Ethan had always been Daniel’s best friend since Kindergarten and they did everything with each other. Their first prank ever was when they placed clear glue on Matthew Davis’s chair and he stood up to a very disgusting mess, and Daniel was hooked on Ethan ever since. Ethan stopped his bad attempts suddenly when he met Violet in Third grade, and his way in school just changed that time. Of course, Daniel tried not to be upset by all of that, even though it was a total set back.
               “Are you crazy, man?!” Ethan screamed, “What are the police going to think when they see all this? This is way too far someone could get hurt, and now I can’t even find Violet! How am I supposed to protect- Oh no, Tyler’s going to kill me. He already hates me as much as it is; he is going to kill me when he finds out I lost V.” Ethan sounded exasperated as he tried massaging his forehead.
               “Relax Ethan, Violet is probably somewhere with her friend or something but this,” Daniel motioned to the crowd again, “this is our time. The trouble of troubles. We’re going to rule the school!”
               As if on cue, three police cars and an ambulance pulled over.
                                                                           *             *             *
               David was now on the top of the Bridge railing, about to give his life to the clear river.


  1. Oh gosh, David! I loved him from the start. TT.TT He should believe in himself more. And the situation right now is terrible! :( That was a lovely chapter, Josie! <3 Now I just need wait to see if poor David is going to be okay, because David is awesome and everything just feels so innocent.

    1. Thanks Delaney! Glad you liked the chapter, let's just see what will happen next! :)

  2. love it! you write with so much detail! keep going!


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