Liebster Award! :)

Hey there cuties! Happy July 4th! My pressent to you guys is the knowledge of getting to know me better and 11 other bloggers I have tagged. Not much, but tonight you'll probably see fireworks somewhere! :)

 So I was recently tagged for the liebster award, and Sidra was so nice and tagged me thanks again Sidra you are awesome! Here is her blog if you guys want to check it out In this link

So you ask me, what is the Liebster award?  Basically it is an award given to bloggers who currently have under 200 followers. The award winners are to:

(a) share eleven facts about themselves
(b) answer eleven questions asked by the blogger who tagged them
(c) come up with their own set of eleven questions to ask bloggers and
(d) tag eleven bloggers who they think are worthy of this award.
Rules from Here.  Okay so here are the 11 questions from Sidra.

11 Facts about Josie! :)

  1. I am obsessed with reading and writing, as well as another Teen in the world! :)
  2. I do dance a lot and I love playing volleyball in my freetime.
    My bear! Yes I sleep with her.
  4. My favorite class during the school year is L.A. because of obvious reasons!
  5. Most times I pick reading over anything else I need to do. Sometimes I put off my homework, shame for me.
  6. I live in the U.S. Illinois near Chicago, I love living here with my friends and Family.
  7. I love blaring music in my room and trying to sing along with it. :p
  8. To get my ideas in my head I constantly play volleyball with the wall for long periods of time to just think. Last year I had a slinky, the year before that I had a tennis ball.
  9. I don't watch much TV or play games on the computer, call me a loner but I like hanging with my friends more :)
  10. When I grow up, I want to be somekind of writer. An author or maybe a journalist, I just want writing to be in my future bacause I love it.
  11. My Favorite authors are John Green, Lauren Oliver, John Lehrer, and Julie Kagawa.
  12. I'm pretty tall, I like being taller than my older sister:)

Q. Contemporary vs. Historical? Which do you prefer? Why? 

A. I guess I prefer Historical because it can be twisted into fiction stories and one of my favorite books are based on events from the past. I think it's a unique way to learn about the past and still turn it into a worthy read for teens.

Q. Any favorite villains? Who, from what book, and why? 

A. Well, there are alot of great villians out there that definetely deserve some praise but my faavorite would probably be Sebastion from The Mortal Instrument Series. I like that he is clever, cunning, and he has that cool mysteriousness to him and I just love how his character was played through the books.

Q. Your MOST favorite book to date with the author and why?

A. I just finished a book all last night that I just completely adored and it is Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen. It is such an amazing read, please check it out guys!

Q. Real books vs. eBooks. Which do you prefer and why? 

A. I get asked this question a lot because I have a nook, but I would much prefer reading real books. I don't know it just seems to me that I read faster and I could really get into books more if they are actually in front of me. I just don't read from ebooks that often.

Q. Favorite genres? Why? 

A. My favorite genres would probably be Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, and Dystopian. You know, the regular teen genres I love reading fiction dystopians especially since they are really in right now.

Q. Ever cried due to a book? What book and why?

A. I don't really cry that much in books but ss much as I hate to admit it, I have, once. Suzanne Collins Mockingjay, it was pretty upsetting to me honestly for my first time reading it a few days ago. I don't know remember why I cried, I think it was when I found out Peeta lost his memory, but my sister was playing some really sad music next to me and I just teared up a little. haha, I know.

Q. Which do you prefer: buying your own books or borrowing from the library?

A. It's alwayas nice to buy my own books, but sadly since I read so much I borrow from the library more often, doesn't hurt.

Q. How do you feel about love triangles? 

A. I have run into so many love triangles in books and I guess I think it's pretty cute and I love to read them. But one complaint, I am not a huge fan of insta- love, I read it but I don't believe in it.

Q.How many books have you read this year? Do you have a goal for how many you  would like to read this year? 
A. This past school year I have read 105 books counting. I'm pretty proud of myself :). My goal this year is 150 books, I'll try alot this summer.

Q.If you could live the life of one character from a book for a day, what character would you choose? From what book and why? 

A. I like this question :). Maybe I would want to be Lena from Delirium beacuse it would be really cool if it was a different society and I lived in a life where there was no love . It would be an interesting experience! :)

Q. Dark and brooding male protagonist with different emotions and layers or a good-natured and "heroic" protagonist?  
A. I honestly don't know how to answer this question I love both! But if I had to go for one, I would say the good- natured and "heroic" protagonist because I just love guys who are just so nice and matured, who have a heroic taste.

That's all the questions! Thanks you agian Sidra for tagging me, I loved your questions :)

Here are my questions for the next 11.

  1. Paranormal fiction or realistic fiction? Why?
  2. Your Top 5 Favorite books right now?
  3. If you had to spend one day with a character from a book who would it be and why?
  4. Thoughts about insta- love? (Love at first sight in books)
  5. Have you ever read a book that you just wanted to throw across the room? what book and why?
  6. Do you read in one sitting, or very little in multiple times?
  7. Coke or Pepsi?
  8. Twilight or Hunger Games? Why?
  9. Do you like the brooding, tough bad guys or the good- natured and caring guys in books? Why?
  10. Coffee or tea?
  11. Kindle/Nook or Printed books(Real books)? Why?
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Good Luck Guys!


  1. Hi Josie,
    Congratulations on your award and thanks for thinking of by blog. I've received this award a few weeks ago and it was a great way to meet new blogger.
    And by the way, I like yesterday post...I've entered a French contest for writting a book for children. My deadline is August 31st. Hope I will finish on time ! Need to work...


    1. haha, that's okay! tell me when your writing contest goes well! :)


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