Top 3 Tips to be Original in your Writing

Everyone wants to be original to stand out, but it's pretty dang hard no doubt. Face it, every original idea possible has entered the world and other writers can only make renewed verions of stories we already know. But that is not a bad thing, some of my favorite books are twisted verions of another story.

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In my L.A. class, my teacher gave us an assignment to read a classic book and make an original idea out of it. It was one of THE HARDEST thing a teenager could ever do! Everyone nailed the format, grammer, and MLA, but the original content shot them down like a bullet.


Even I failed at the attempt, recieved a 'C', and the rest of the class got lower grades also. Before this story goes downhill, at my third academic essay in the class I scored a perfect score, the teacher loved hearing my ideas and the originality it held. Long story short, when I was writing it I was mostly wandering off into the topic alot and thinking so much about looking at something different at every fact. Basically, my mind was glued to only my research and my ideas. Before I knew it, my brain was exploding with thoughts like a firecracker.

So here are my tips of how to be original in your writing, and looking into different ideas and sides about your work. This helps for writers who create their own stories and want to find the originallity within it.

  • Research your topic or questions that come into your mind that strikes interesting.
I know what you are thinking, saying that research won't get you anywhere but I'm talking about the GOOD research. When your mind is asking questions that you think might take part in your story really well, research it.

For example my story took place in the Salem Witch trials, so I researched what the village people did to accuse the witches. It was just original facts, but at this point you have to make something of that research into an idea that has a different voice than its own.  That's the key.

  • Add your touch to your story. Include your past experiences.
I think this is one of the most best advice someone can ever give you. It's basically just being yourself in your writing, but it's too common to be completely true. When I say to add your touch to the story, I mean to put in your own voice and write what you feel should be in your writing.

Your writing is just like yourself, no one else in this world can be your original or imaitate your own touch.  So don't forget to add your own experience and voice.

  • Think. A lot.
This tip is actually very obvious, but when I say think I mean for yourself to connect to your writing mentally. I like to think of it as a writer's meditation sytem. Think about ways to create a side of your story that no one ever knew.

To me, being original is affecting your audience through your thoughts and ideas. Your writing doesn't have to dazzle or strike your readers fancy, these days you need to surprise your audience and make sure they won't forget what you had to say.

So, this all comes back to my all-time favorite saying of "remember why you started writing and what you would do to acheive your reasons." Your originality comes from the deep determination you hold in your writing, and no one can imitate that.

You only write so much, so speak your mind and never give up!

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