Learn to Love Criticism like Meat (unless you're a Vegetarian)

One of the most important things you must always remember as a young writer is to CRAVE and learn from criticism and bad reveiws. Yes, the real writing world of publication, books, and networking is as harsh as a blade cutting through your throat. It can kill your career and your bittersweet dreams.

So, you have to learn to be used to critiques and criticism because it is the professional thing to do as a young writer.

I remembered during school I always hid my stories from my teachers and classmates because I was just afraid they might say something mean about my writing. I was so arrogant about my work, not needing anyone to help me or any advice from the teachers ( The same happened in math class ); I always thought my writing was perfect. Then one day, I had to meet with the teacher to talk to about my stories (everyone had to have at least one meet with the teacher).

And boy, I was beaten down. My completed work was all marked down with red handwriting, dozens of double underlining, stacks of written notes on top, and the teacher started asking me so many questions! It was brutal.

I guess you guys know where that went, at the end I did endless hours of editing and a lot of akward conversations with the teacher about my writing, but you know what? Yeah, I received a perfect score at the end.

That is my point, it is extremely important for people to reveiw and critique your work no matter how brutal they can be you have to be strong and eager to receive feedback.

Be proud of your writing when you show it to people to edit, it can save you so much! So get your head on straight, pick your butt off your chair and ask for HELP!!

Comment if you have had the same experiences! Hugs and Candy, -Josie


  1. Wow! I have been told the same thing millions of times. I swear that was the only thing my creative writing teacher said that actually applied to writing. But ya, I was never jumping off my seat to be critiqued. But it is very true. If you want to be a published writer you have get feedback.


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