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So this is a series for Teen Writers who emailed their work to me and they showed exemplary and exceptional skills in their writing and have conquered their fears to write down what their mind wants.

Haley has done just that and I would like to present her first chapter of her short story, 17. There are links to the rest of the chapters. Thanks again Haley for emailing me, guys she has an awesome blog with her writing and it is truly amazing check it out!  http://17hnak.blogspot.ca/

Prolouge (I love this)

If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be?  Better yet, what kind of person would you be?  I'd been many different people throughout the years.  Seventeen, in fact.  I had seventeen chances to live, love and make my mark on the world.  If you knew for certain that you would live again after you die, would you live your life any less?  Confused yet? You have no idea....

Chapter 1

Ugh, I thought.  I really should have just gotten a ride home with Taylor.  I was never really one for the party scene, but she had been begging me to go to Connor's party for days.  To be honest, I didn't have that much fun, but since she was my best friend, I figured I'd humour her.  Taylor hadn't drank that much at the party, but my parents would skin me alive if they found out that I'd gotten a ride home with someone who'd been drinking.  As for me, I drank Coke.  Sounds lame, right?  But my coach would be riled if I showed up to my volleyball tournament tomorrow with a hangover.

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My little town isn't a very sketchy place.  That is, until you're walking up a street with one lone streetlight, by yourself, at two o'clock in the morning.  That tends to make things a little creepy.  It's safe to say that I was a little anxious to get home.  I was so tired, that I knew I'd have no trouble whatsoever falling asleep.

Lost in a daydream about my comfy bed and warm blankets, I didn't hear him come up behind me.  Not until it was too late.  I felt strong arms snake around my middle and constrict like a cobra.  I let out a frightened gasp and prepared to let loose one of my blood-curdling screams when he started laughing.  His body shook with it and the laughter came out as loud guffaws.  I pushed him away from me, annoyed, but shaken.

"That was so not funny Tanner!"  I said and I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Sorry Heather, but I'm going to have to disagree with you.  You didn't see your face when I grabbed you."  But he must have seen how shaken I was because he tried his very best to compose his face.  He put his arm around my shoulders and we started walking, this time together.

"Hey," he began, after walking for a few minutes.  He stopped walking and pulled me to a stop as well.  He looked me in the eyes, and all of the joking was gone.  "I really am sorry.  I shouldn't have snuck up on you like that.  But next time, wait for me so I can walk you home.  You shouldn't be walking alone."  Heck, I couldn't stay mad at him.  He looked like a lost puppy that had been yelled at by its owner.

"No, you shouldn't have.  But yeah I guess you're right.  But it's all good.  I couple more seconds of thinking you were trying to kidnap me and I was going to go all Ms. Congeniality on your ass."  I said and he laughed.

"Ms. Congeniality, eh?" he said.

"Yeah, you know, S-I-N-G and such." and I joined in his laughter.

Now we were almost at my house.  Both of our houses actually, as we'd been next door neighbours for our entire lives.  After meeting each other officially in Preschool, our next door neighbour status quickly upgraded to best friends.  Only this past year did our friendship develop into something more.  As of February, Tanner Nelson had officially become my boyfriend.  I'd worried that dating Tanner would be awkward because we were friends, but it wasn't at all.  We went together like peanut butter and chocolate.

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“You going to the beach party Friday night?” he asked me, pulling me out of my daydream.  Man, I loved summer!  No worrying about tests, homework, or anything.  Just sleeping when tired, eating when hungry, and partying when you felt like it. 

“Yeah, I think so.  What about you?”

“Are you kidding?  That’s the best party of the summer!  Of course I’m going.  Do you want a ride?”  That was another plus to knowing Tanner.  He didn’t drink at parties.  He didn’t need to.  He was such a good time at parties when he was sober, that he didn't need to drink to be "cool".  So needless to say, I never had to worry about finding a D.D.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I was getting drunk out of my mind at every party I went to.  I wasn’t much of a partier anyways.  But seeing as that summer was the last time I’d see many of my friends and classmates, I made an effort to socialize. 

“Yeah, sounds good.  I probably won’t be drinking anyways though.  I could take my own car if you need the space” I admitted.

“Nah, you’re my girl now, you ride with me.” He said with a grin.  I grinned back at him.  Tanner knew how to make people smile.  

We had reached the driveway that our two houses shared.  No lights were on in either houses except for one.

“Why’s Bones up so late?” Tanner asked.  Bones was my brother, and no, his name wasn’t actually Bones.  It was Michael, but everyone started calling him Bones because he was so tall and skinny.  Finally at 19 he had filled out a lot, but the nickname stuck.  He’d always be Bones to me.

“Dunno.  He’s probably Skyping with Summer again.”  I said and we exchanged smirks.  Bones had gone to university in Minneapolis that year and met Summer Hathaway, his new girlfriend.  He had never dated in high school, and so let’s just say he was happy to have a girlfriend.  Even if it was a long distance relationship.  They Skyped every day for at least an hour.  And with him being my big brother, I was entitled to give him a little grief about that.

“Well at least he’s not getting high every night in his room and sneaking out like my dear little sister.”  Tanner leaned against the side of his house and sighed.  All of the joking had vanished with that one sentence.  

Britney was only in grade ten.  You could say she was going through a bit of a rebellious phase in life.  She started hanging out with the wrong crowd and was now officially classified at school as one of the druggies.  Even just one year previous, Britney had been a model child.  No one really knows what happened...why she got into drugs.  She used to have long, shiny blond hair, big milk chocolate eyes, and a personality like her brother’s that you couldn’t help loving.  She used to be a little chubby, especially around the middle.  Now her hair had been sheared off and it hung dull and lifeless against her head.  Her eyes were still pretty if you got past the black bags that circled them and the cold looks they expressed.   She had become rail-thin, and her clothes hung over her frame too loose.  She had also become moody and quick to snap at people.  Her parents had to have noticed the drastic changes, but they never said anything.  I guess they didn’t want to face the truth.

“What are you going to do?”  I asked.

“What can I do?  I’ve tried telling my parents.  They don’t care.  I don’t think they’d do anything even if I found her stash and waved it in front of their faces.  They just don't know what you do with a daughter who has a drug problem.  But who does?”  Whenever Tanner talked about Britney, a hopelessness cast a shadow over his facial features.  He knew how bad the situation was and that she needed help.  Because she was hurting herself, it was hurting him.  I didn't like it when Tanner looked like that.  

"I should go.  I'm already an hour past my curfew.  Hopefully my parents are asleep."  I said.

"You better hope so Heather."  He said with a smirk.  He kissed me quickly and then he was gone.
So chapter 6 is the latest chapter so far, if you guys loved it FOLLOW HER at http://17hnak.blogspot.ca/!!! I just adore your story Haley it provides a great messege and affects readers in a lot of ways, good luck with the book and your Blog! :)

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