Part 2 Jessica Gililland and Kimerly Gourgon. Love triangle?

So, you'll be gladly to know that there is a little romance in The New haven Project: Anamoly. Yes my little fangirls, the guys are extremely hot. Like legitamite cute, here is Jessica and Kimberly to tell us more about them! :) Maybe some spoilers so watch put!

Jessica: Chase is my man. Yeah, he's got problems but no one loves Caity like Chase does. They've got so much history. He knows her better than anyone and he's been fighting to protect her and keep her safe their whole lives. He balances her and tells her when she's being a pain in the ass and at the same time, makes sure she knows she's loved every single
day. Much like the other women in the series, when I read the Kismet parts, I am swayed by him but you can't beat a lifetime of love, trust, and the ability to really comprehend what the other person is feeling. It's hard to defend Chase in light of certain events but let's just say, things can change and I love the Chase.

Kimberly: Ha! You see, this is where we definitely differ...and sometimes butt heads. I’m Team Kismet, all the way. The thing about me is that I prefer intellect over brawn. That’s not to say that Chase isn’t smart…but Kismet doesn’t really have the brute-strength thing going for him. Kismet is a character of heart, and Chase is clearly the muscle. They’re both passionate, but Kismet’s passion comes out when he sings…and really, what girl doesn’t love a man that can sing and play the guitar? He also won a place in my heart for the way he acts as the "father figure" to the Punks. He takes care of them and through it all, he's this supportive, nurturing element in their lives. And the way he cares for Caity...maybe it's not like how Chase does because he didn't know her as a child, and he can't feel what she's feeling, but there's no denying the depth of emotion he has for her. How could you not love that? Bottom line is: I believe in Kismet.

Jessica: Remember, Kim...the heart is a muscle.

Kimberly: Now, you know I meant that figuratively speaking!

Me: I love team converstions, their fairly amusing and sweet at the same time! Sory but I'm going with Chase on this one, but you'll never know I am also rooting for Kismet. :)


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