Internet Icon - The Fu Music Prop Challenge (Coming Home)

I just wanted to show a really cute video I ran into on youtube! It probably has nothing to do with writing at all, but it's very inspirational and adorable. It's a fast picture- video ..thing.. about a lost rubber ducky.

If this did have something to do with writing, consider it an inspiration.

If you guys have two minutes of your life you want to fill, watch this video.

If you just watched it right now and listened to me, I will give you a virtual hug. Yes, the equaivilant to a real hug but virtual. Comment to say you watched this and I will reply and give you a virtual hug. How will I do that exactly? Do it and you'll see. Don't worry I'm not offering something.. not PG... but... you know just watch the video and comment!


  1. That was cute! I'm not replying for the hug though. That would be weird. I just wanted to let you know that I read everything, EVERYTHING.

    1. oh, well I was just going to say *virtual hug* but, I guess that's fine, haha! Why does it sound wrong?

  2. I just don't want you to think that I am a creepy stalker in search of virtual hugs.


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